• Glencore
Developer Notes:

Version 3.0 Rollout
Starting 8pm AEST 02/07/20 for Mangoola
Starting 8pm AEST 08/07/20 for Ravensworth CHPP and Liddell
This may impede access for upwards of an hour.

FifiDocs Name Change
We are renaming the drawing/document management system's name.
The new name will be theDMSeffect.
Leaning on the original name, The DMS.
The name FifiDocs was not really taken up.
This made it difficult for referrals and the like.

Coronavirus - COVID-19
The global coronavirus epidemic, COVID-19, has not affected our support levels.

All phone lines and email support is being maintained.

As the health and wellbeing of our employees is our number one priority, we are following government instruction by maintaining social isolation and increasing our office cleaning.

Following our Business Continuity Plan, all staff have been instructed to take everything required to continue their work at home with them each day. Each employee through a secured VPN will be able to maintain full productivity.

Should anything change we will let you know.

If we can assist you or your company in any way, please let us know.